Diamonds & Rust Collection – Unreal Fur

Diamonds & Rust Collection

'Diamonds & Rust'
Inspired by the sparrow, the bird that symbolises freedom.
A small song bird with beautiful colours under its wings.
A unique bird that has progressed from being a carnivore to a vegan!
The colours - Warm-autumn shades, from chocolate-browns to rust and teal;
a mix of gingers, greys and dusty pinks.
The Composition - Faux-fur qualities that Unreal fur is renowned for; uniquely developed jacquards;
lush furs and faux shearlings
The Mood – Autumn, foliage, a luxe understated glam.
The Outfits - Cosy long coats, enlarged lapels, faux shearling and velvet. The ultimate addition to any look,
from denim with boots to an evening allure.
Diamonds and Rust is dedicated to all free-spirited, beautiful and compassionate souls
Join the Fauxvolution – Go Faux!