Unreal Fur x AirRobe

We have partnered with AirRobe to bring our community an official pre-loved marketplace to buy and sell new and worn Unreal Fur designs online. Listing and purchasing pre-loved garments is easy. Join the circular economy and shop more sustainably online now.  


Unreal Fur Pre-Loved Marketplace


Why Pre-loved?

To become more sustainable and circular, Unreal Fur has partnered with AirRobe, a secondhand fashion marketplace. Through a widget on our product pages, you can add your Unreal Fur orders directly to your 'Circular Wardrobe' on AirRobe, making them immediately available for you to rent and re-sell. This is a seamless to option for our community to engage more with pre-loved Unreal Fur pieces. 

Circular economy is a term that defines efforts to keep products and materials in use for as long as possible and enable them to be repurposed or recycled into new products at their end-of-life. In partnership with AirRobe, Unreal Fur will expand our sustainability position and invest in new ways to contribute to creating a circular economy for fashion across our global operations. 

About AirRobe

AirRobe is the new pre-loved designer platform that makes buying, reselling, renting and recycling your clothes easier than ever from your new AirRobe Circular Wardrobe™. Just think of it as your new centralised virtual wardrobe.

How does AirRobe work?

AirRobe saves all product detail, imagery, and recommended resale value to your AirRobe account. This creates a pre-populated listing of each item you ‘Add to AirRobe’. This makes reselling, renting or recycling items later possible in seconds. No need to manually post anything. 

1. Purchase any product on Unreal Fur's site
AirRobe will show you an estimated resale price on eligible products.

2. Tick ‘Add to AirRobe’ 
This saves all product info to your Circular Wardrobe™ upon checkout. This is your new virtual wardrobe.

3. List later in seconds 
Resell, rent or recycle your products on the AirRobe designer pre-loved marketplace

How do I create an AirRobe account?

The easiest way to create your account is to follow the prompts to activate your Circular Wardrobe™ post-checkout if you select ‘Add to AirRobe’. They will guide you through the quick set up process and give you access to your account, with already saved items

Do I have to resell or rent my items if I ‘Add to AirRobe’?

No, and there is no commitment. The option is always yours. Adding to AirRobe simply gives you the option to resell, rent or recycle your items later if you want to repurpose them easily - in a few seconds. There is no commitment or fee to add.

What is AirRobe's contact for questions and customer service?

You may reach them at hello@airrobe.com 

How do I pay for shipping when I sell items on AirRobe?

Shipping and logistics are done through AirRobe - please visit their FAQ here. 

How do I get paid on AirRobe?

Payment is arranged via AirRobe – please refer to AirRobe’s FAQs here.

Are there listing fees?

No, it is a free of charge platform to list pre-loved items.