How To Style Vegan Leather Blazers: 4 Expert Tips

Oversized vegan leather blazers have been appearing in editorials and on catwalks for several seasons and their popularity isn’t likely to diminish anytime soon. Classic, chic and edgy all at once, you may be wondering how to style a vegan leather blazer in a way that feels ‘you’. If so, here are our tips for how to wear an ethically made, vegan leather blazer no matter what your personal style is.

  1. Play with proportions

The key to stylishly wearing an oversized blazer is to balance the proportions of your outfit overall. Pair a large blazer jacket made from premier vegan leather over a sleek skirt or fitted trousers for a contrast that still shows off your figure. For a streetwear-inspired look, wear longline vegan leather outerwear with a short fitted dress — it’s all about contrast.

When it comes to keeping accessories in proportion, choose pieces that most express your unique aesthetic. Chunky platform shoes and boots with an oversized leather blazer create a unified style that feels more rebellious, while sleek stilettos and a clutch pouch can give a more streamlined look that feels less ‘heavy’ — perfect for trans-seasonal dressing.

  1. Juxtapose masculine and feminine

If a tailored vegan leather piece feels like something you wouldn’t find in your regular wardrobe, a great way to work it into your everyday style is to deliberately combine a masculine piece with more traditionally feminine touches. Depending on your style, this might be a frothy pink moment (think Carrie’s iconic tutu from Sex & The City) or a softer floral print piece that lends a grunge feel to an outfit. Delicate jewellery and heels will also ground a masculine blazer in a more femme style, while a classic red lip will give your makeup a bright punch that stands up to the boldness of an oversized vegan leather blazer. 

  1. Stick to tones for a professional look

If you’re wondering how to wear a vegan leather blazer at work, you’re not alone. While a leather look has almost infinite punk and rebellious references you can draw on, it can feel a little more intimidating a material to style for the office. Selecting a more fitted blazer can help keep it feeling professional. Allow your vegan leather blazer to make a statement without becoming too bold by selecting monochromatic tones and focusing on interesting textures and silhouettes instead of many colours. We love highlighting the architectural structure of a leather blazer with square toe black boots and a very crisp white shirt that feels elevated and refined while still being modern. 

  1. It all comes down to quality

With a statement-making piece like an ethically made oversized leather blazer, it’s well worth investing in a high-quality, lasting garment. Not only will a well-made jacket last longer, but a premium ladies vegan leather blazer or jacket can be oversized while still tailored to the female form — so you won’t be swamped by fabric. For a beautiful, ethical vegan leather option, try our Bell Blazer, which can be worn fitted or sized up for a more relaxed look.  

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