Ethical Fashion - Our Ethics

Fur is one of the oldest traditions in the fashion industry. But here at Unreal Fur we’re bringing fur into the future. 

Gone are the days of animal cruelty, Unreal Fur is here to divert and convert. (And we have more than one trick under our sleeve to do so!)

Converting the world from real fur to faux fur is a big job, we know that.
But here at Unreal Fur we’re pretty realistic. 
So, to make this kind of an impact in the industry, we know that we have to start from within!
That’s why we operate our business with our social responsibilities always in the
forefront of everything we do.
And for us, it doesn’t just stop at animal friendly fashion...
From the internal development of sustainable fibers, to our process for avoiding wastage, we care about our impact on the environment, as well as our 
relationships here and abroad.



From our conception, Unreal Fur’s key mission has been to end the use of real fur in the fashion industry.

Unreal Fur is a part of the PETA Approved foundation, inspired by those who make a difference and help save animals against cruelty.
We are a proud vegan fashion brand, with an intention to create beautiful, animal friendly garments that inspire others to 
eliminate animal products from their offerings.

As one of the pioneering fashion brands of the ethical fashion movement, we 
encourage everyone to join us in the Faux-volution!

Visit the PETA website to see how your organisation can also help avoid animal cruelty today:


Here at Unreal Fur, we care.

We care about animals, we care about the world we live in,
And we care about each other.

Since the beginning, we have used the same suppliers in our manufacturing
process, as we believe in strong family and business values. 

Together we share a transparent supply chain with our manufacturer, and a
close give-and-take relationship. Our success is theirs, and theirs is ours!
We pride ourselves on our mutual support, and our-long standing relationships!



In the spirit of true transparency, we understand that faux fur (as ethical as it may be) is not entirely environmentally sustainable. 

At Unreal Fur, we are combating this in a few ways! 
Firstly, we are currently working through the development of sustainable fibers in the production of Faux fur. This ranges from hemp to PET fibers, and although we’re not quite there with the quality yet- we’re getting closer every day! 

In the meantime, something that we have done from the beginning is recycling fabric into new products from scraps. 
There is a lot of wastage in the fashion industry from fabric scraps during the production process, but we try to save as much as possible! Most of our accessories, and even our Mini Me range use up fabric off-cuts, saving potential wastage by recycling scrap fabric!


We are always looking at ways to be more sustainable as a business. We are therefore excited to have partnered with One Tree Planted to support their incredible reforestation work.


This means that every time you order with Unreal Fur, you plant a tree.

Why Trees? 

By planting trees, One Tree Planted works towards reducing carbon footprint, filtering the air we breathe, cleaning the water we drink, and providing habitat to the world’s biodiversity.



We’re dedicated to proving that conscious choices shouldn’t come at the expense of desirable fashion. As part of our mission to create beautiful, ethical garments that will stand the test of time, we’re always innovating to engineer better cruelty-free materials and practices. 

Part of our approach to ethical fashion is the idea that our choices, when it comes to clothing, should also take consumption into account. Every garment we produce is designed to last and wear beautifully season after season — fusing elevated fashionable silhouettes with a timeless quality. Our capsule collections of coats and jackets are infused with the principles of slow fashion, to bring you pieces you’ll love to wear long beyond the faddish trends of the present moment.   

We’re a proudly Australian designed ethical fashion brand, inspired by the gorgeous hues and textures of our unique landscape. We want to keep our country and our planet beautiful for the generations to follow, which is why we hold our ethical responsibilities at the heart of everything we do. We’re investing in more sustainable materials, reducing our wastage and innovating through our supply and manufacture chain at all levels. We’re starting conversations about how beautiful vegan garments can be. And we’re proving that ethical fashion looks just as good as garments made from animal hides and furs.